Building volume optimization

For complex shapes consisting of twisted, double curved and freely single curved surfaces, we offer advisory consultancy services.

From concept to detail for buildings of small, medium, large scale and high rise constructions. Optimizing the building volume for materialization of building aspects:

  • usable space optimization
  • structural system configuration
  • glass reflection's


Twist & Build: Creating Non-Orthogonal Architecture

Glass files

Lectures: CTBUH Chicago Conference

Glass reflections in Articulated buildings


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Facade Consultants

We may be involved in any step of the design and production process to work with Clients, Architects, Engineers, Manufacturers, and Contractors.We assist Architects and Engineers in realizing their design.

Our team of specialized Architectural Engineers operate with the latest in digital technology to provide unmatched services in:

  • 3D development and rationalization of facades
  • design/engineering of backing construction and framing systems
  • panelization of glass facades