Reference Projects                                  

2011-12 - Mock-up insulating glass

Facade fragment with 4 insulated glass panels (in total 2.2 m high and 4.5 m wide)

2011 - Edinburgh Festival Pavilion

Feasibility study for preliminary design stages.

2010 - Mets Yacht Panel

Laminated double curved panel (approx 1.3m x 1.9 m) presented at the 2010 Mets Luxury Yacht exhibition in Amsterdam.

2009 - Infinity Belgrade

FDTechnologies with valued partner Tetterode Glas Voorthuizen tendered for a project with doublecurved façade panels.

We engineered and produced an innovative façade mock-up with laminated glass panels, based on parametric modeling. The construction exemplifies high-speed, low-cost, high precision façade assemblage.

The mock-up was presented at the Gevel 2010 Building Exhibition in Rotterdam, and prominently featured on the Materia Innovation Plaza at the 2011 BouwBeurs in Utrecht, both in The Netherlands.

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