What we do?

FDTechnologies specializes in optimizing the present production of curved panels. We additionally, rationalize the production of freely curved architectural panels.

Our production method is based on an adjustable mould, developed in over 20 years of extensive research. Whereas conventionally freely curved panels required producing a unique mould for each glass panel, our adjustable mould technology industrialized the production.

The sustainability of the production is highly improved: no production, transport, storage and waste of unique moulds anymore, a shorter production time and a reduced energy consumption by a new and quicker production process.

FDTechnologies offers designers, engineers and producers a new panel production technology. Directly from CAD data, single- and doublecurved façade panels can be manufactured with high dimensional accuracy.This results from experience and a thorough, high level understanding of digital modeling and component engineering . 

Key Characteristics

- Single and double curvature

Our production highly reduces costs (mould production, transport, installation, production time, material waste, energy consumption)

Computer-driven file-to-factory production process

- Very exact measurements

- Minimal breakage during bending

- Improved quality by the industrial processing 

FDTechnologies Mock-up with laminated annealed twisted panels in the Materia Innovation Plaza at the 2011 BouwBeurs in Utrecht, the Netherlands 

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