FDTechnologies  Team 

Key Personnel:

Dr. Karel J. Vollers (Founder Director )

Ir. Sagar R. Thorat (Technical Advisor)

Research and Development of the adjustable mould:  

The development of the computer adjusted panel bending mould is supported with a STW-Valorisation Grant. The STW program makes new scientific research possible at the interface of science and society. The program is supervised by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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Our Valued Partners 

Our partners are invited in concertation with clients. With our Valued Partners we, by combined capacities, cover all stages of design materializing. To meet specific demands, we in consult with client, select appropriate partners.

Collaborate with us

We are open to project works on freely curved glass facades, to work in collaboration with Architects, Designers, Engineers, Contractors and Manufacturers for technical development in the building industry.

Our ongoing R&D covers adjustable moulds for glass, (high-strength) concrete, acrylic and composite panels applied in architectural facades, interiors and luxury yachts.